It started off with being based on the UK sales numbers for each position in the top 40 (divided by 1000 obviously). But as 2013 rolled around, it strayed from that a bit. It's why my points are really low in Q1 of 2013. 

Weekly Points

#40: around 8-9 points. 

#30: around 12-15 points.

#20: around 19-22 points.

#17 (in the top 17 era): 20-25 points

#15: around 25-30 points, up to 35 in competitive weeks.

#10generally: minimum 30 points; maximum 50 points; depending on the week. I try to keep this at an average of 40 points as much as possible.

#5usually around 55-80 points; 65 points tends to be the average.

#3usually around 65-90 points; 75 points tends to be the average.

The #1 (or any big song in the top 5-ish)

anything below 75 points: weak #1. Usually #1 that only gets there because something has to be #1. Generally songs that wouldn't usually go #1 in a more competitive week, or songs that have already peaked. 2013 had a lot of the former.

75-89 points: average

90-109 points: above average

110-149 points: #SMASH!!!

150-199 points: obsession territory


250-299 points: life defining

300+ points: well now we're just talking crazy

Lifetime Points

1000+: My million-sellers. Pretty much reserved for life defining singles. 

Examples: Bad Romance, Feel The Love, Your Love Is My Drug, Hideaway, We Found Love, Prayer In C

800-999Huge to major smash hit. They aren't life defining, though.

Examples: Party Rock Anthem, Like A G6, Rude Boy, Moves Like Jagger, Fire Burning, I Got U

600-799Big to very big smash hit. 600 tends to be the barrier for what I'd consider a big hit on my chart. 

Examples: Super Bass, Primadonna, In My Mind, Talk Dirty, I Love It, White Noise

400-599: Average-sized to still pretty significant-sized hits. Also tends to be a section of "why was that a #1?"

Examples: Run This Town, So Good, According To You, Pumped Up Kicks, Higher (Free), 5 AM

300-399Tends to be the barrier of being a hit on my chart. Also quite a bit of 2013+ songs wind up here.

Examples: I Do Not Hook Up, Domino, Boomerang, Hey Baby (Drop It To The Floor), Love Like Woe, My First Kiss

100-299: A sea of underrated gems and "I charted that?"'s. Also a good chunk of non top 10 hits in the top 40 era. 

Examples: Winner, Paradise, Born To Die, Loving You Is Easy, Global Concepts, Eenie Meenie

below 100: irrelevant

Examples: Digital Girl, Good Kisser, Ooh La La, Here's To Never Growing Up, Finally Found You, Dirt Road Anthem

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